Morning Mess

The Morning Mess

Mon-Fri: 5:00AM - 10:00AM

Make the switch to The Morning Mess, the only show in the Valley that keeps it live & local. Catching up CHEATERS every morning at 7:20 with the Staycation Set Up, and helping you get revenge on your significant other for EMBARASSING you at 6:20 & 8:20 with NACHOO's REVENGE! 


Joey Boy, the Puerto Rican Miracle, is that instigator in your life you love but also roll your eyes at. When Joey Boy isn’t making jokes (mostly inappropriate) on the radio, he’s with The Hot Wife and their 17 kids. Aneesh... that gay teddy bear you can't help but love. When he's not slaying the radio waves you can find him out on the streets in a bikini, teaching Beyoncé choreography or out with the Gay Mafia having a mimosa… or seven. Everyone has the “Mom” in their group and that’s Jeana with a J. She’s here to give that life advice you need and pedialyte when you’re hung over. When she’s not speaking love on the radio, she’s hanging with her the Hubby Bryce and their daughter. Karla AKA Vodkarla, the hot tamale! When she's not a hot mess on the radio you'll probably run into her eating Cane's while she dances the night away at the club! 


Be blessed by this Mess by tuning in Monday-Friday from 5:00 AM -10:00 AM. 

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