Jeana Shepard

Mon-Fri: 10AM - 2PM

Jeana is a Phoenix native, born and raised right here in The Valley. Believe it or not.. so is her husband!! Her favorite thing about living here is the HEAT!! Seriously. Anything under 65 is just too cold for Jeana. And while the summers are brutal.. she says "at least the heat doesn't make your bones hurt!" She also loves being outside and there's so many beautiful places to hike and explore in Arizona, nothing else will ever feel quite as home as it does here. Jeana is also a huge supporter of local brands. She loves to shop and do activities that support our local community. 

She wanted to become an on-air personality because of a deep love for music. Concerts were (and still are) her favorite way to get out of the house. There's something so magical about hearing that song you love, right there from the artist themselves. Sharing that connection with thousands of others will always be special to Jeana.

If she had to pick 3 words to describe herself, it would be.. curious, easy going, and quirky. 

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