Win it While you Work!

Your chance at $1,000 8 times a day!

Its the start of the holiday season which means parties, decorations, and presents for friends and family! Seems like an extra $1,000 would come in handy right about now! 

LIVE 101.5 wants to help you "Win it While you Work" with our 8K-A-Day Natinal Cash Contest! Thats right, we have your shot at winning $1,000 8 times a day! All you have to do is listen for the special keyword to text in for your chance to win! Theres no limit to how many times you can win in this Entercom Multi-city cash contest. 

What you could win

  • $1,000 

How you could win 

  • Tune into LIVE 101.5 weekdays (Monday - Friday) from 9am  (MST) to 5pm (MST) and listen for your hourly keyword  
  • When given the cue, text the hours keyword  into "72881" for you chance to win! 

Cant text? No Biggie! Enter the short code "72881" AND the keyword below! 


This Entercom National Cash Contest will run from 9am MST on Monday October 7, 2019 through 4:59pm MST on Friday November 1, 2019.