Valley Metro "Selfie" Contest!

For January, the Morning Mess is teaming up with Valley Metro for the #RideLikeRight Selfie Contest. Snap a pic of yourself following the rules like Right, anything from wearing headphones to using spill-proof containers, or even at a station or on board the rail. Post pics on our website and you could be entered-to-win $500! 

Below are some rules that could help you win some cash! 

-          Right sips. Rong drips. No eating on the train. And all drinks must be in spill-proof, closed containers. (it has to be a screw-top lid, i.e. hydroflask, water bottles, no starbucks cups /coffee cups/circle k cups)

-          Right is considerate. Rong brings his cigarette. Absolutely no smoking, vaping or drugs allowed on trains or platforms.

-          Right knows the Rules. Rong Jaywalks Like a Fool. Cross the street using only the marked pedestrian walkways.

-          Right rocks out with care. Rong overly shares. Please use headphones and enjoy your music quietly without disturbing others.

For more information on the light rail, please visit their website at

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What you could win

- $500 courtesy of Valley Metro

How you could win

- Post a selfie of you on the Light Rail following the Right Rules above on our website from 5am on January 7, 2019 through 11:59pm on February 1, 2019 for a chance to win!