Odysea - Penguin

Odysea Aquarium Giveaway!

Penguin Party Time! September 28th through October 14th, kids receive half off admission when you book online. Come celebrate our African Penguins with a Penguin Party! See penguin parades, live penguin paintings, penguin “dance” parties and more!

Click thru Link: https://www.odyseaaquarium.com/promotions/#penguin 

What you could win

  • Four (4) tickets to the OdySea Aquarium® 

How you could win

  • Tune into LIVE 101.5 weekdays (Mon-Fri) from October 14th, 2019 through October 18th, 2019 
  • Be the selected caller at 602-260-1015 and upon verification, the tickets could be yours! 


For ticket and info about OdySea Aquarium®, please visit https://www.odyseaaquarium.com/