Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday: Natasha Castle's Birthday

August 3, 2018

It’s time for another Foodie Friday with The Morning Mess and our favorite foodie Diana aka @AZFoodie!!!


Today is a very special day because we are commemorating the birthday of Natasha Castles!! And what better way to start of Dia de Castles than with some fabulous sweet treats from around the valley?


The Morning Mess was treated to an array of treats and in no particular order, we’ll let you know about all the amazingness we ate.


First up we got a delectably custom cake. Specifically a custom Red Velvet Clown Shoes Cake. An incredibly flavorful and moist cake with 4 layers of cream cheese buttercream. Ours came decorated with colorful sprinkles. But the best part is it came with a healthy scoop of coconut gelato. You can get these at La Grande Orange’s Bake Shop located in the heart of Arcadia.


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Up next the show was introduced to some goods from Sweet Dee’s Bakery. As Aneesh would put it, we got a hybrid of some of the best desserts all in one. Specifically the “Cruffin” which is a mix of a croissant and muffin… and that’s not even the best part. We got a birthday cake flavored cruffin with a funfetti cupcake on top. Literally EVERYTHING you could ever want in one treat.


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You can’t knock a food truck, especially one that sells cookie dough!! Our third treat was provided by Dough Licious Desserts. A beautiful sample set of four different doughs. We got chocolate chip, some minty Andes’ inspired flavor, oatmeal and more!!! You’ve got to look into everything they have to offer and give your inner child the cookie dough you deserve!


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Last but not least, we got another food truck that might be one of our favorites here on the show. We got treated to the “Red Wonder”. A liege waffle with biscoff, whipped cream topped with strawberries and raspberries. If you’re looking to hit all the marks with sweetness: crunch, cream, classic… this is it for you! Find out where the Waffle Luv to enjoy this perfect treat.


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And let’s not forget to wish Miss Natasha Castles a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!