Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday: Best Loaded Fries in the valley

July 20, 2018

It’s Foodie FRY-day here at Live 101.5!!! The Morning Mess and our best friend Diana, aka @AZFoodie, stopped by with some amazing options after Natasha revealed that her man loves him some loaded fries.


We got three BEAUTIFUL options from 3 different establishments in the valley.


Up first we got loaded fries from Jake’s Unlimited which had everything you LOVE about a burger in fries. Imagine taking the best parts of a burger - the beef, the ketchup, mustard, the pickles and tomatoes… and slapping that on top of some thicc fries. It’s right to the point and still gives you all the flavors and textures you LOVE. Not to mention all the fun the family can have at Jake’s Unlimited as it is. You’ll need to refuel your energy and this is the best way to do it with a group of people!


Next we got a unique take on the loaded fries from Bottled Blonde, an unsuspecting spot for us. But we got the Pizza Fries. Imagine some long crispy fries with a gooey mix of mahon, mozzarella, pomodoro and parmesan cheeses and some pepperoni slices. A side of marinara sauce makes for a perfect combination on this unique take of the pizza and french fry hybrid. A fantastic item.


And last but certainly not least, we got Duck Fat Fries from Salty Sow. These fries are fabulously seasoned and topped with 110-minute egg that is perfectly runny once you pierce it. And after you’ve done that, you can dip those fries in the cold béarnaise. So chic. We lived for them all.


Make sure to watch the video for locations and to find out which of the three fries won over Natasha Castles!