Backstory of #BTSwithTheMESS and the #BTS_ARMY

May 24, 2018

Omg. #BTSwithTheMESS

It was November 2017, we were told of an opportunity to interview this major Korean band by the name of “BTS”. We looked up the group and saw their amazing Army chanting for BTS! And we mean HUGE crowds chanting this. But the chant was missing something. It needed a little mess in there. We thought the world needed #BTSwithTheMess! But we had no idea what we were getting into.

The Morning Mess traveled out to Los Angeles the weekend of the 2017 American Music Awards. As we were gearing up for all the interviews that were scheduled, we were told to only ask from a list of set questions. For us, that’s weird… our style is just different from everyone else. And these questions, honestly, we didn’t think they were fun.

So we promised each other, in secret, that the moment BTS walked over to our booth that we’d start our #BTSwithTheMess dance. And right off the bat, we could tell the guys LOVED it.

Needless to say that love translated to the rest of the #BTSArmy… Which we weren't aware of until after the interview. The love and support we have received is overwhelming and below is our reunion with the boys. The return of #BTSwithTheMess, enjoy.

OMG this happened!!