Lessons you learn in your early 20s

Lessons you learn in your early 20s

May 8, 2018

Lessons you learn in your early 20s.

If you're already past 25, you probably feel like a completely different person than you were when you were 20. So many changes... maybe you graduated college, maybe you changed your major, got married, became a parent, moved out for the first time, made you first major purchase... 


Here's a list of major life lessons I learned from 20-25. 


1.) Adulting aint easy! 

Adulting was something that you always dreamed of in your teens, then it hits you in the face like dropping your phone while scrolling through IG in bed. Ouch. From chores, to money managment, to juggling a social life, school life AND a work life... it takes some getting used to. 


2.) College really was the easy part.

It's not to say that the WORK you put in during college is easy... but you knew were working toward a goal you wanted. You felt like you had purpose, and that purpose was to graduate. After graduation... ? What is life. It's time to find that same sense of accomplishment and that's not always easy. 


3.) Real friends are hard to come by

I'm not talking about the friend who's always down to party, go out and have a good time. I'm talking about the friends that will truly be there for you when it's not conveinent. The ones who understands life gets busy. The ones who CARE about what's going on in your personal life. It's a fine art between telling someone what they want to hear vs what they need to hear... which brings me to my next pont


4.) Honesty... without tact... is mean. 

These aren't my words, I read them somewhere on facebook but OH MY GOSH IS IT SO TRUE. I'm a very blunt person so I needed to hear this. Just because something is true... doesn't mean you can't go about saying it in a nice way. Sometimes it doesn't need to be said at all... when I was younger, I swear I had no filter hah! You can speak your mind, but you can be nice about it. 


5.) Getting a full-time job that you actually LOVE (or even just kind of like) is hard 

Sure... some majors you can practically walk into a full-time job right out of college. But that's not often the case. And what about company culture? A good boss? Co-workers that don't gossip like you're in high school again? Self satisfication with the work you're doing? There's SO much more to getting a job you want to build a career out of.. vs a job to get you by.  Ever heard of office politics ? Because that's a thing no matter where you work. College sure never taught me that. 


6.) Once you get into a serious relationship.. just know it's nothing but a series of trial and error

I met my now husband when we were still in college. And not to get too sappy on ya, but loving him has been one of my favorite life lessons. There's so much to learn about loving another person. My biggest tip is don't sweat the small stuff... really. At the end of teh day there isn't going to be anyone who is perfect and never upsets you. You'll have to deal with some BS no matter who you're with, so just pick the BS that you can actually handle. LOL and of course a partner that you truly enjoy. 


7.) Sometimes that promotion at work isn't a good thing

Being a manager sure SOUNDS great but is it really? For some... yes. But not for all. Be open and realisitic with yourself and understand there's no shame in passing up on a promotion that just isn't for you. You can still be a total rockstar at work and happy too. 


8.) Negotiating salary is always going to be awkward, but necessary

Understand that there's practically NO SUCH THING as a fun negotiation when it comes to what your paid. It's your jobs job, to make sure you don't break the bank. It's your job to make sure you're paid your worth. But also... don't be too proud over it. And DEFINITELY don't be rude. There's a mature way to go about it, being snotty will get you no where fast. 


9.) Sometimes (most of the time) you have no idea what you're doing with your "life" and that's totally okay

There's some weird, not-often-talked-about, air of expectation to just KNOW what you're doing with your life when you're heading towards your mid 20s. And that's crazy! I can't even figure out what to make for dinner, or if I should be using the sanitary setting on my washing machine, let alone figuring out the entirety of my life. Take it easy. And go easy on yourself. If you want to start over, there's no shame in that. 


10.) Being 25 is actually a lot better than being 20

Even though you might not have it all figured out... you at least know yourself a little better. What matters to you is slowly becomming more clear, and you're more comfortable with your mistakes than you would've been at 20. Here's to the next 5 years.