Stay-at-Home Order Issued for Arizona to Combat Coronavirus

March 30, 2020

Governor Doug Ducey announced on Monday that a stay-at-home order would be in effect for the state of Arizona beginning at 5 pm on Tuesday.

According to state health officials, 20 people have died from the virus as of Monday morning and a total of 1,157 cases are confirmed in the state, ABC15 reports. 

While essential businesses may remain open, Ducey explains that his new order is necessary to prioritize staying healthy, active, and connected. The order will remain in effect until April 30 unless it's extended.

Residents are still allowed to leave their homes for groceries or medical needs. 

"Our order takes a uniquely Arizona approach," Ducey explained during a press conference. "It's a whole, holistic approach that prioritizes all of public health, placing a focus on staying home to slow the spread, staying healthy and active, and staying connected to provide the much needed support we can provide one another in these unprecedented times."

Grocery stores and drug stores will remain open while restaurants will continue with their modified schedules of takeout and delivery service only.