People Are Spending Real Money on Virtual Clothes That Don’t Actually Exist

August 8, 2020

A new fashion company wants to sell you clothes that don’t actually exist.

Tribute Brand is a design house that specializes in “contactless fashion” and sells futuristic-looking garments that are purely for your online persona.

The brand’s website currently showcases 12 items in various price points. The most expensive piece is the “Zezy” shirt, which gives the appearance of being made of vinyl or plastic and comes in red or neon green, and retails for $699.

The Croatia-based label is the brainchild of co-designers Filip Vajda and Gala Marija Vrbanic, who digitize real clothing patterns using 3D software.

Since these are virtual clothes, purchasing the fashions means they won’t ever physically arrive. Instead, cyber fashionistas with money to burn simply have to upload a photo and the designers will superimpose their creations onto it.

“Explore exclusive cyber products sampled in various CGI softwares and existing in the virtual space only,” reads a note on the company’s website. “Photo fitted-to-order and digitally delivered to the customer.”

According to Vogue, the whole process takes three to five hours and then you are free to upload your new other-wordly look to your Instagram and watch the comments and likes add up.

The company hopes to appeal to consumers tired of the standard way of online shopping as the website also boasts, “No gender. No size. No shipping. No waste.”

If you are worried that someone else on your social media feed might have the same virtual outfit, fear not, as the brand only “makes” a certain amount of each item.

According to the website, most items like the $29 Bala dress will only be sold to 100 people, while the previoulsy mentioned $700 Zezy shirt is a rarer piece and will only be reproduced three times.

So if imaginary clothes are your thing, place an order, walk the glamorous red carpet inside your mind, and wait for someone to ask, “Who are you not really wearing?”

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