Hailey Baldwin Calls Tool Frontman 'Childish' for Dissing Justin Bieber

Maynard James Keenan is "bummed" Justin Bieber is a Tool fan

July 16, 2019

Justin Bieber recently shocked the rock world by hinting that he was a fan of Tool.

With the recent appearance of the band’s 1991 demo on streaming platforms and a new album due in due a few short weeks, Tool is continually making headlines again. Apparently, making headlines connected to Justin Bieber is not something they want.

Frontman Maynard James Keenan slammed Justin for his post captioned with lyrics from Tool hit “The Pot.” “#bummer” he Tweeted in response to an article headlined “It’s Official: Justin Bieber is a Tool Fan.”

The fandom clearly isn’t mutual. While Justin recently challenged Tom Cruise to a fight, we don't think he'll be taking his chances this time around.

Despite Maynard’s outspoken nature, 22-year-old model Hailey Baldwin Bieber wasn’t going to let that stop her from defending her husband. Justin’s protective wife hit back on Twitter, calling Maynard’s response out for being “very childish and hurtful.”

“He expressed he was a fan of your music. Grew up listening to your music,” she wrote. “You must be unhappy with yourself that you want to make people feel small who express their admiration for you.”

Justin Bieber used lyrics to “The Pot” as a caption for an Instagram story. He followed the photo up by asking fans to identify the song, noting he was curious if any of his fans recognized it.

Judging from the controversy that’s ensued over simple lyrics, we would argue that people did, in fact, recognize it...