5 Seconds of Summer Promise New Music in 2018

December 26, 2017
By Scott T. Sterling Fans can expect new music from 5 Seconds of Summer in the new year. No, for real this time. Related: 5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford Confuses Australia with ‘Om Telolet Om’ While the band left followers disappointed when new tunes promised in 2017 never emerged, guitarist Michael Clifford insists that it's definitely on for next year. "It's coming along really well. It's taking a really long time to perfect the new sound and direction we're taking," Clifford revealed in a recent interview with Billboard. "I think the reason it's taken so long is because we haven't just wanted to get it to a place where we're, like, happy… We want it to be perfect. "I think when all the new stuff comes out, it's like a departure of our old sound but it still keeps elements of all of the things we liked about it," he added. "It was just time for us to change. The studio's been awesome. We've just been slaving away, living in there. We're at a point now where we're almost ready to put out our first single." With Clifford promising that first single to arrive "really, really early in the new year," he tries to detail what fans can expect when it drops. "It's really hard to explain what the sound is without actually hearing it. It's like taking music where it's at now, and putting our spin on it -- making that sound unique," he revealed. "And it's good. It's not necessarily more electronic; it's not just rock… That's the thing with rock and punk music -- it's always mainly been about energy, you know what I mean? Rock music isn't just how you play it, it's the energy that comes from that. And I think we've always had that and tried to keep that. And that's something that conveys pretty well into the new stuff."