Will Smith Joins Instagram, Gives Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Advice

December 19, 2017
By Hayden Wright Will Smith joined Instagram last week and his friends queued up to welcome the Fresh Prince to the platform. Justin Timberlake shared a photo of himself with Will, apparently deep in conversation at an event years ago. In the caption, JT broke down the definition of "Throwback Thursday" so Smith could overcome the learning curve. "This is called a #TBT," Justin wrote. "Which means Throwback Thursday. Which is a photo you post on Thursdays that you like, that was taken in the past. I like this photo because it’s a photo of you and me. And we look like we are having a serious conversation about something very important." Related:  Is Justin Timberlake Heading to the ‘Woods’ for New Album? Will clapped back with a post of his own: He teased Timberlake about the quasi-patronizing tone of the original post and insisted that he knows what #TBT is. "Thanks a lot for the post—the brief education about Instagram because this is my first day," he said in the video. "I appreciate the hookup but I know what Throwback Thursday is—I ain't been in a hole." Will took things a step further by offering a bit of Super Bowl advice: As Justin prepares to host the Halftime Show, Smith zoomed in on his own nipple and said "Avoid this." See the exchange (ending in a wardrobe malfunction) here:

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BctAU2hB5rY/ width=552]

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