Eminem Producer Discusses The Rapper's 'Revival'

December 8, 2017
By Robyn Collins Album producer Denaun Porter (a.k.a. Mr. Porter) has opened up about making the latest Eminem album, Revival. Porter was with Eminem in the beginning as part of D12, when he was developing his sound, and helped produce the rapper’s first album, Infinite. The producer told Complex how they reconnected, “I had been gone. I just missed working with him in that capacity because, through the years, I've been doing my own thing. He had started a project, I came home, and it was a couple of things that contributed to me staying. I just was like, 'Man, you know what, this album...' I told him I wanted to go back to where 'I'm making the music, you're writing the songs.' You know what I mean? I wanted to just go back to have that feeling. I missed working with my friend." Porter would go on to produce three songs on the project, including “Untouchable,” which has just been released. Related: Listen To Eminem’s Scathing New Track ‘Untouchable’ He explained that it started off with an idea Em had, adding, “and he's really good at that. Sometimes he'll have an idea and say, 'Oh, OK, let's just work this out.' So he brought this idea and was like, 'Yo, I always wanted to do this,' and he just built from there." As for what fans can expect to hear, Mr. Porter says he thinks, “it's better than the previous record. I'd put my money with that. I believe in this album completely, and not just for my contributions. You're getting a lot of different versions of who Em is. A lot of the things that people love about him, they get a piece of every one of them on this album, that's what I would say." He takes credit for suggesting Beyonce for “Walk on Water,” a song about how you can’t please everyone, and explains that Mathers wanted to sound raw on the track, "He did the vocals like that 'cause he wanted to have this certain feeling. It should sound in-your-face, real." Revival drops Dec. 15.

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