Jane Elliott pioneered anti-discrimination lessons in the classroom.

By Hayden Wright

Recently single T.I. could pick anyone on Earth to be his “Woman Crush Wednesday” but he shared an Instagram with Jane Elliot, the pioneering educator who taught children about racism using her famous eye color experiment. T.I. called Elliot an “American hero” and urged his followers to learn more about her body of work.

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“Got a chance to spend the day with my #WCW😍Jane Elliot yesterday in Chicago. She’s truly a brilliant, amazing, kick-ass person. I’ve never met anyone who’s given the kind of brutally honest, rational, logical, intellectual insight on racism & race relations (based on FACT) as she did. She’s a true gem. A real life American HERO!!! If you don’t know about her you should look her up & GET FAMILIAR!!!”

In 1968, Elliot responded to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King by “segregating” her third-grade classroom between blue and brown eyed students. She spent some time giving blue-eyed children special privileges over brown-eyed kids, illuminating the arbitrary distinction of race and real-life experience of how discrimination felt. Since then, Elliot has been a speaker and activist.

See T.I.’s meeting with her here:

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