DJ DECiPHA got the chance to catch up with Diplo last week while the DJ/producer was in town for Super Bowl weekend! During their sit down, the two got a chance to talk about Diplo’s future projects, the Mad Decent Block Part returning to Phoenix and the importance of never bad-mouthing Taylor Swift.

Currently, Diplo is an active part of the Mad Decent Block Party Tour. During the interview, he revealed that the international tour is once again headed for Phoenix!

“Last time Phoenix was our first one, and we sold it out. It was massive… So we’re going to do the same thing here, only bigger.” Then came the big drop, “We’re going to do two nights here”.

And of course, we couldn’t let Diplo go without addressing the ongoing Taylor Swift controversy.

“It’s weird that you can get Twitter beef and it can become a real thing… I use the internet as a playground more than like a place where things are factual.”

Directly addressing the massive backlash received from Swift fans during the controversy Diplo kept a light but serious attitude.

“If we’re living in a world where you can’t make fun of pop stars, then that’s, like, a f***** up world we’re living in.”


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