In honor of the recent passing of Mother’s Day we need to thank all of the mothers out there for everything you do and the wonderful children you create… although there are a selective few of your children we are not so thankful for. It is those children that grow into mama’s boys…

A recent study for the top 4 reasons women HATE dating mama’s boys. See the reasons below and let us know if you agree:

1.  Women like tough men… not wimpy boys.  Women find that when a guy needs to go to his mom to make decisions it is a huge turn-off.

2.  Women who are dating you want to be your only girl.  A woman often feel less valued with mama’s boys. A gift for holidays is fine but the constant lovey-dovey between you and your mom need to stop.

3.  Women want a man that can take care of themselves.  Mama’s boys are normally useless when it comes to taking care of basic things like laundry, cooking, and cleaning, since they’re used to their mom taking care of that stuff.

4.  There’s No Privacy.  Women voted that their least favorite thing about dating a mamas boy is that they share EVERYTHING with their mom.


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