Nina Cruz on “The Cruise” New Kids on The Block 2012

How do you explain the New Kids on The Block cruise 2012? One word “EPIC” or maybe “Surreal”!  It’s the 4th Annual cruise! Yes, there were 3 cruises before this. As a past cruiser you expect the unexpected and that is exactly what everyone got.  Five days of partying, laughing, joking, crying (happy tears), and creating new friendships.



Day 1 – WE ARE ON THE BOAT – what to do now? Door Decorations are a must! The theme of our door was “Twisted for Donnie”. We had to show love for our man, special thanks to Tattoo for all her hard work on putting it together, I just put it up! After the completion of the door it was time to sail away. As we approach the famous “LIDO” deck you could see the excitement in everybody’s eyes, you could see the smile on their faces. It was time to “LIVE IT UP” and “PARTY”, so let’s leave reality behind for just 5 days and do just that. We work hard, and now it’s time to let loose.

Night 1- First night of the cruise was “Red Carpet” where everyone looked their best! Beautiful dresses and evening gowns, the ladies definitely knew how to dress. This was also the night where you tested your tolerance (you know what I mean) let’s just say a lot of hangovers occurred.

Day 2 – I THINK I DRANK TOO MUCH… CONCERT IN THE SUN? – It is CONCERT time at Half Moon Cay Bahamas; the guys gave us their very best considering it felt like 120 degrees outside. Water and hats were a must but if you were smart and stood in the ocean you had NO complaints. Although the show did not last as long as expected not to many people were complaining, as everyone wanted to get in the water. After the concert the guys had fans participate in NKOTB beach games which was pretty funny watching these girls relay for prizes.

More Shows– After spending 5 plus hours in the sun Group A’s day was not over just yet,  it was now time to experience “Evening Wood and Joey Mac” solo shows . I heard they were both great but because of my lack of tolerance on Day 1 I missed it.

Night 2-The  theme night after being out in the heat and  burnt, we were to get “Up Close and Cuddly”! Pajamas, Lingerie, whatever you wore to bed worked, plus if you were one of the many who received a nice red shade from mother nature you for sure appreciated this night and laid low.  Tolerance was not a problem tonight.

Day 3 – WHO IS TIRED? With all the parties starting at midnight and some not ending till the wee hours of the morning how are we surviving 5 days of this? Key word “NAPS” It is now time for Group A to experience what has been known to be the most popular show from the past 3 cruises “DDUB’s BACK RUB” which before was only available to a certain amount of cruisers but now Donnie has decided to open it up to the whole cruise and Jordan Knight  would finish the show with his “Unfinished” performance inside the Palladium.  I was lucky enough to be picked to go on stage for Donnie’s Back rub and well,” what happens in the Back rub stays in the Back rub” but I can give a few words to describe my experience Handcuffs, Whip cream, Oil, and Massage yeah that pretty much explains it !

Night 3 – In the “90’s”  let’s represent all the fun we had in the 1990’s Saved by the Bell, Baywatch, TLC, Simpsons, Vanilla Ice, and can’t forget the special guests on the boat this year Naughty By Nature who performed for all the Blockheads on the lido deck. Hip Hop Hooray, OPP, Feel me Flow… who would have guessed that New Kids on the Block and Naughty By Nature would be on a cruise TOGETHER and people would “LOVE” it. Well it happened and “Naughty Kids on The Block” represented.

Day 4 – I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS ALMOST OVER – Last night to dress up, last night of fun, Monday is around the corner and back to reality we go, they let us rest on Day 4 as we stopped in Key West, you either woke up early (not me) and got off to see Key West or you stayed in your cabin and caught up on some sleep, because knowing Donnie Wahlberg ,the last night he was going to party till the boat hit Miami, which is exactly what he did and everyone joined him.

Night 4 -Theme for the last night was GPS – New Kids wanted you to represent where you are from Germany , Australia, London, Canada , Mexico, Spain, Japan, China, LA, NY , AZ, VEGAS, PHILLY, all of the US represented and it was insane to see so many different people from, different backgrounds, different cultures come together on one ship for one thing “NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK”. The Party didn’t end till the sun came up and we were now docked  at The Port of Miami. You could see the sadness in some faces that now it was time to go back home.

Day 5 –IT’S OVER – What do we do now? – PLAN FOR NEXT YEAR! Get your $300 deposit and fast fingers ready because 2013 is just around the corner … until then it is back to being a Mom, Wife, Aunt, Sister, Doctor, Firefighter, Dentist, Veterinarian, Radio Personality, Secretary ,Nurse, Police Officer etc. We all have our own separate lives but it is 5 guys who bring us together as one, as there is only one “Block Nation” and I couldn’t ask to be a part of a more special group of ladies, and even some “Block Bros” Not everyone can experience this cruise but those who have will share , and those planning on going next year will only hope that they will experience the same LOVE, HAPPINESS, EXCITEMENT, and THRILL that happened in 2012.



See what some cruisers had to say about the boat:

Jo Hart “I met my best friend Michelle Dinkins Parrish 20+ years ago because of NKOTB and when we cruise together, this is our 2nd, we get to relive memories that we made as kids and make new ones as adults with our BH family!”

Lisa Gonzalez “Its more than a NKOTB cruise it’s a BH family reunion :)”

Sara Lara “This was my first cruise and it was everything I expected and more. I had the best time hanging out with my friends and being care free.”

Kendall Byard “First cruise and it exceeded every expectation I had. So much fun energy going around at all times.”

Tawnya Swisher “This was my first cruise and it was amazing! Loved how sweet and friendly everyone was. After a very tough and emotional year this trip lifted my spirits and left me with some pretty amazing friends.”

Kayla Selmon “It was my first cruise, and also happened to be during my birthday. It absolutely surpassed my expectations in every single way, and I can’t wait to go again next year!”

Michelle Dinkins Parrish “I have been on the cruise twice, and I have told anyone who asks that I feel like I am surrounded by people who GET me!! Best time of my life…hands down!!”

Ayneka Crosby “Nina, It was my first cruise ever! It was BRILLIANT! I could let go without worrying about a thing. It was real sisterhood! Feel very blessed to have met so many wonderful people. Don’t know how next year can top this one!”


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