Does YOUR school need to raise money? Schedule a fundraiser basketball game with the 101.5 All-Star team at your school today! Reserve your date, sell tickets and your school keeps 100% of the proceeds. Some basketball games have special celebrity appearances and performances! Schedule your game today by simply emailing us. If you would like 101.5 to come out to your school for a High School Give Back Game, send us an email with the following information: School, address, city, zip, contact name/number, email and date/time of the event. We would prefer all games to be on a Tuesday or Thursday from 6p-8p. Please refer to the dates below to check availability this semester and next semester. Email us any questions you may have here too. Click Here

101.5 High School Give Back Games Schedule

08/28: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Queen Creek High School  Pics

09/11: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Carl Hayden High School  Pics, Video

09/18: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Basha High School  Pics

09/25: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Central High School  Pics, Video

10/09: 101.5 All-Stars vs. La Joya High School Pics

10/16: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Dysart High School Pics

11/07: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Maryvale High School PicsVideo

11/08: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Copper Canyon High School PicsVideo

11/13: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Highland High School Pics, Video

11/27: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Millennium High School

12/04: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Hamilton High School

12/07: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Summit High School

12/13: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Centennial High School

02/15: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Coolidge High School Pics

02/19: 101.5 All-Stars w/ Far East Movement vs. Camelback High School Pics

03/01: 101.5 All-Stars w/ Driicky Graham vs. Cesar Chavez High School Pics

03/08: 101.5 All-Stars vs. North High School Pics

03/14: 101.5 All-Stars w/ Baxter (D-Backs), Frankie Muniz & Andre Roberts (WR – Cardinals) vs. Carl Hayden High School

03/20: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Sheely Farms Elementary School Pics

03/21: 101.5 All-Stars w/ Justice Crew vs. Centennial High School

04/16: 101.5 All-Stars vs. McClintock High School Pics

04/18: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Dysart High School Pics

05/10: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Poston Butte High School

TBA: 101.5 All-Stars vs. Marcos De Niza High School

Here are some of the few that we have done in the past…


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