101.5 High School Give Back Games!

dsc 5936 101.5 High School Give Back Games!

LIVE 101.5 is kicking off their annual tour of Give Back Games and we want to be at your school! We have partnered up with International Slam Dunk champions Gary Smith and Kenny Dobbs. Their energy and expertise brings these games to another level!

Give Back Games is LIVE 101’5’s way of giving back to the community in a unique and exciting way! Need money for Homecoming? What about Prom? Is your school throwing a carnival? Let 101.5 help you! We can help raise money by having a LIVE 101.5 Give Back Game at your school.

LIVE 101.5 brings out your favorite on-air personalities, such as Joey Boy and Aneesh to battle it out in a game of basketball against your teachers and staff. Want to see Joey Boy cross up your favorite teacher? How about G-Smith or Kenny Dobbs dunking over your mascot? Well, let’s plan a game!

We can help you create a successful Give Back Game at your school! To find out how, email rico@cbsradio.com

Click here for last season of HS Give Back Games!
give back game hs1 101.5 High School Give Back Games!Give Back Game Schedule

8/18: Peoria High School

8/24: Raymond S. Kellis High School

8/30: Millennium High School

9/6: Trevor G. Browne High School

9/8: Dysart High School

9/14: Alhambra High School

9/22: Carl Hayden High School

10/4: Liberty High School



G Smith


Find out more about Ball-Up All-Star G-Smith, click here



Kenny Dobbs


To see more on the International Slam Dunk Champion Kenny Dobbs, click here



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